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BUTTERFLY ON A STICK - cabbage white deterrent....hopefully

When we visited Rob's place recently we were all enthralled by the solar butterflies on a stick that flap their wings when the sun hits them. Rob is using them as a Cabbage White (moth and butterfly) deterrent with some success so far.

I went looking on eBay for something similar last night and found these non-solar butterflies on a stick for the most incredibly cheap prices delivered free to Australia. There are more expensive solar version available also if you go hunting, but I will stick with these little cheap ones for starters.

I searched for BUTTERFLY ON STICK.

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I have ordered 20 of them for $3.34 delivered! Can't go wrong with that.

I've ordered some more to give away at the Dayboro GV.

Are yours white Lissa? I can see only coloured ones.

I'll be interested to see if this works as I have cabbage white infestations regularly including now. I've tried white pieces of cloth tied to strings and sticks before without success.

A more natural way is attracting predators although they can have their own problems....

I'm leaving her nest alone at the moment as she isn't aggressive, yet.

Nice one Phil, just don't forget they're there!

Maybe a coat of white paint on the wings would work on the coloured ones?

Nice cheeper alternative to try out Lissa, and well worth testing. I found out that Dad ordered the solar butterflies from ebay.

It is difficult to tell whether these guys are making a difference at the moment as brassicas in gardens away from the butterflies are just as free of destruction as the close plants.

I am also beginning to see the effects of time on the reliable operation of these devices as well.

Visibly, I have noticed that there is a correlation with the sun shining and the butterflies being in the air, so the direct solar power (no batteries) logic is working.

I watch the white and yellow butterflies consistently bypass the 4 square metre area that 3 Solar Butterflies occupy. This may be due to other factors such as the pea climbing wire close by, confusing companions, visible natural predators...

The yellow coloured solar powered butterfly (SPB) has lost it's ability to flap and now just rotates around. I have seen a small yellow cabbage moth butterfly chase this particular SPB around it's non-flapping orbit, only to get chased away when the SPB caught up a hit the real butterfly from behind. The real butterfly left in a hurry. This is the closest I have seen a cabbage moth to the brassicas in this garden.

The solar powered butterflies are beginning to run out of space as the plants grow. I have had to adjust their position and height weekly. I will run out of height soon.

Fascinated that they work with white butterflies when the artificial ones are coloured. Fun observing all these innovations!

I do wonder if the deterrent is that it's a moving flapping foreign insect and possibly a threat?

Perhaps it's not colour that they see but rather shape.

So cheap it's worth trying out.

One thing I have noticed with the butterflies in my garden, is that some of them are more dominant and seem to chase others away.   Maybe the old fashioned windmill on a stick that we used to play with as a child, will work as well.

Could do. Worth a go. I tried bits of white cloth on strings and that didn't work for me.

Well spotted Lissa! I have also ordered some and will try them out. You can't go too far wrong for this price.


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