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Anyone into bunya nuts? My neighbour's tree has started dropping nuts and I currently have 3 available.
I have 3 entire bunya nuts in Jindalee.

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Three nuts? Does he mean 3 of those absolutely huge cones? That I can understand, a couple of kilos of nuts in each cone. Treat them like Chestnuts - nick the skins and roast or boil them. Like slightly sweet waxy potatoes.

Yes, he means three entire cones if that's what they're called. And apparently there's more where they come from.

They weight many kilos, there's (like Pine) many woody bracts in between each nut and the nuts are not small. Think Brazil nuts and double that. Bunya is a conifer so you get cones. The ones with the nuts are the female ones, the male ones are long and skinny and produce scads of pollen and then die off, I suppose.

Of course they're cones then! Like pine cones. I was thinking of something cone shaped.

I will buy them for $2/kg.  We make frangipani pie (spelling?) with them and they are delish!  You can dry and dessicate the nuts and substitute in any recipe using nut meal. 

They also carry curry spices very well, so you can boil, shell, season, then roast.  Yum!

I grew up in SE Qld where bunyas are plentiful.  Have a soft spot for them.  Shame they're such hard work to shell!

You will need to contact Brian Cusack and let him know if you are interested Jodie. I posted this ad, not Brian himself.

Hi Jodie,

We have bunya nuts to sell which we are dehusking at the moment.

We are in south east Queensland,

Not sure if Jodie comes in to check messages very often Kate, she's pretty busy running her shop.

If you contact her at the shop you might have better luck. She owns and runs Fresh Local Provisions - click on the icon top right of the page and it will take you to her website with contact information.

Cooking in the microwave is interesting goes off with a bang may even need a new microwave.

Does slitting the skin prevent explosions? I'd heard that it did stop Bunya and Chestnuts exploding but haven't tried microwaving either nut.



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