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am thinking of embarking on a new project any recomendations  books websites or other resources? , looking to build a simple wood fired oven i got theJaines book but his design is a bit grandiose and over complicated , any advice would be gratefully received !

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Hi Marcus,

I built a cob (clay) oven on my deck in Underwood, I'm really happy with it and it was comparatively cheap and easy to build:

I've been trying to determine whether it's possible to combine a fire place with a wood fired pizza oven above it. They could share the same chimney/flue and perhaps slope the inside of the fireplace toward the back so you don't have too much direct heat on the base of the pizza oven. Ideally they would be used either together or independently. I've been looking around the web but haven't really seen such a design so it doesn't seem to be very popular. I suspect there's a reason why but can't see why it wouldn't be possible if designed correctly. The structure would be situation outdoors, built from brick rated to be used for ovens/fireplaces.

For those BLF members who either have pizza ovens and/or have built one, any comments/suggestions?

There was a picture of an outdoor oven just like that on the fornobravo forum a few months ago. The guy had built it for an exhibition; it looked great but he hadn't got to build one for any real customers. You could probably find it there in the "Other Oven Types" section of the forum. Pretty sure it was a cob oven.

Couldn't find that post, but there's a bit of discussion about that kind of thing - including an Aussie who built one:
Thanks Mick, interesting article and good to see other people are giving the combo idea a go. Although I got to page 6 and there's no more info about the fireplace :(. I also plan to embed some copper piping in the fireplace to act as a heating element for a natural pool that will be on the other side. I'm not trying to heat the water too much - just take a bit of the edge off when the weather's a bit cooler (not sure how keen i'll be in winter though). Cheers, Brent.


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