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Brisbane City Council guidelines allow residents to plant gardens along footpath

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Almost any kind of garden would beat the heck out of the often weed-infested bumbly footpaths. Not that many of us use them to walk on but an eye-sore they often are. Tho are all our footpaths so wide? Doubt ours are :-(

I had a look this evening and it looks like most BCC footpaths (at least in my area) are about 1.2m so not too big

Our Suburb started out in the Moreton Shire, it was a Rural Shire and our footpaths are very wide. Needless to say half our front garden is on the footpath. Half of Moreton Shire went to Brisbane and half to Ipswich in 1995. We went over to the Brisbane City Council.

The BCC in their wisdom have planted trees along the footpaths in our suburb, though we had a choice and choose not to have them planted in front of our place. Pleased we didn't as yes they look nice when in flower & green leaf but an eyesore when not. As well a couple of times a year they are looped and it looks awful, these guys have no idea of how a tree grows. So yes the gardens on the footpaths would look better, especially as they are so wide. The setback for a lot of the resident in our street would be money as there are many people on benefits. Maybe we (our neighbours) need to start vegetable street gardens here.???

Yes you should try! Plenty of cuttings people can start (eg SP) and seeds from Seed Savers Australia (Facebook) and free horse manure?. These guys did it

Wonderful!! My garden is now legal :)

Permission to go bigger!

Great news for so many people. Some of the comments below the news article made me giggle, Frank's was funny.

Nice ABC link Sophie. Banana Boulevard looks awesome.

That's good for you Brisbane shire people, happy for you.

Just read the blurb about the discussion the Councillors had coming to the decision. Lots of petty bickering involved. I have no time or patience for our politicians.  


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