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just a bit of a brag - won 1st 2nd and third prize at the Dayboro show for the most unusual vegetable - 1st chilacotote 2nd horned melon third cucumelons !   and then there were also other prizes for vegies  fruit ( 265 entries) and crafts and needlework - actually made a good profit ! sorry cameras broke so no photos 

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Well done Mary-Ann!

Something to be proud of, Mary-Ann.  That's quite a few entries for a Dayboro show, good to see.

You are clearly doing some things right Mary-Ann.  I think BLF will claim you as our very own. 

Thanks for the warning Mary Anne ,bogi,s competition is going to be tough this congratulations

No pictures - no proof Mary- Ann :)  Lol

Congrates, there is something special about a Country Show, all that produce and craft, animals and seeing the fun had by all adults and children alike. Keep growing those crazy vegetables.



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