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If you are only allow one book to start your 'self-sustain' journey from scratch for your backyard.. 

What book will that be? and why would you recommend it?

Looking for topic on: 
  • sustain backyard design
  • backyard lifestock
  • veggies patch, what to grow where and when
  • gardening (edible gardening)
  • etc...
All idea welcome :)

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yes, true - you need a bit of experience to be able to sort this out
I was trying to reply to every recommendation... sorry, a bit lazy so just going thank everyone for their suggestion and recommendation.. every single one has been taken into consideration..

I have bookmarked some website and place hold on some books with the library.. can't wait to get into them and choose 'THE BOOK' for myself..
That's right - the one and the same, quite inspirational. I hope you enjoy his writing as much as I did. Cheers everyone

Hi there, if there is one book concise ehough to get you started then it might be Isabell Shippard's "How can I be prepared with self-sufficiency and survival foods?, see . Available from The Herb Cottage herbal nursery in Gold Coast. I agree with others tho, it's a topic requiring a large library. Luckily there is Google too, use it until Someone flicks the Big Switch :)



Joanne, I recently bought Isabell Shippards self sufficiency, survival foods after borrowing a copy from the library.  I agree with Jan that it's one of the best books around - covers so many more topics than just gardening, but to me, it's an essential as global warming gets worse.  I also agree Annette McFarlane's website and books are appropriate for Brisbane.  One of my favourite authors on organic gardening advice in general is Peter Bennett.  Even tho he lives in Adelaide, he's been practising organics seems for ever and his advice is practical, down to earth and shows his experience.  Agree with most others, borrow books from the library to narrow down your search to the few worth buying.
I must admit that it doesn't cover everything but as a novice gardener and as someone who is planting to eat; I am finding Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden very useful -  she covers basically every fruit veg and herb with recipes to match and all about how to grow each one ect. She also has tips on compost, worm farms, getting started. Quite expensive but I'm finding it well worth it. 
There was a book called "Harvesting the Suburbs: Australian Backyard Gardening - A Natural Approach" by Jeff Hodges which was based on his experience in a backyard at Upper Mt Gravatt.  It does have a lot of great ideas and is, as he claims, practical and down to earth.


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