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Now here's a recipe that's different: Black Bean Soup (LINK)

No tomatoes!

But using adobo. Adobo is a various concoction but usually a marinade composed variously of paprika, oregano, salt, garlic, and vinegar.

When I made this soup I used the adobo ingredients  in the sofrito and stewed them up with onion, celery and sweet peppers. I used balsamic vinegar.

I could have marinated the cheap pork I guess.

Cuban black bean soups are often made with up to a third of a cup of Vinegar(eg: Apple cider) and ham hocks. Black beans are a national dish there esp Moors and Christians -- black beans and rice.

I LOVE black beans. Bought dry from Indian grocers or some other shops as 'Turtle Beans' . Edgell sells them canned for around $1.50.

I've got a couple of bushes growing.

Anyway, back to the Black Bean Soup: when you serve it, serve with sour cream (or yogurt at a pinch) and sppon on a simply tomato coriander salsa. or you can spoon on chopped raw onion
and red pepper.

Chilification is your own business.

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