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Hi all.

I have had a message (below) from Hannah Nguyen . Can anyone help out with a quantity of the Betel Leaf? Please contact Hannah direct. Thank you.

hi Lissa. i have found this page and know that you have the wild betal leave,or la lot... i really want to ask you where can i buy it? or have it ?i looking for this leave to make a special dish for my husband birthday coming soon in november. i'm in gold coast and i willing to come to buy or collect them.
many thanks for your help

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i have a few........only really one big enough so far.. maybe next year??

I think Hannah is looking for quite a few leaves soon for her husband's birthday meal Sharan, but thank you for the offer.

I have a fair bit if Hannah wants to come visit. 

I'm not far from Andrew and I have betel leaf as well - Hannah is welcome to most of the leaves if she would like them for something special. I'm sure the plant will bounce back no matter how much we trim it. How much do you need and when?

You may need to contact Hannah direct. Being a brand new member I don't know if she understands how to message. 

that seems to be my problem too!

Do you need some coaching with using the site Sharan? We have admin only too willing to help if you do.

To message someone (PM or Personal Message meaning just between you and the recipient and not seen by the whole group):

Click on their name (for instance Hannahs name in the message above, which I have put in as a link); that will take you to her home page.

On the left you will Send a Message and Add as Friend. Click on either of these and it will bring up a box that will give you the option of sending a Friend Request.

Once the person has accepted the Friend Request you can start messaging each other. 

I rather suspect that by now Hannah has already found what she is looking for. The Betel Leaf appears to be the only reason she joined BLF. Don't be surprised if you don't hear anything back...but she might surprise us all.

lol thanks for that.

how do i let people know i have heaps of seedlings that are self sown needing new owners to love and care for them at their place? (they get to dig them out themselves...)  this is an ongoing thing with me.. i do it deliberately cos i love abundance and sharing.. but i also like to make the place tidy round the edges. Sophie from gumtree is here rescuing red aramanth both types at the moment...

Sharan, go to the Forum page then click on ADD then select 'add a discussion' see pix:

Then type in a subject - then your text in the text box, adding any pix if you want to using the 2nd icon from left (image) ...

Then select the part of the Forum you want the post added to, suggest 'Buy Sell and Freebies' and preface your subject with 'FREE' then 'seedlings' or whatever you decide.

Please be as specific as possible with your location without giving away your address. Add a mobile phone number if you want or just depend on people reading the post and responding in kind - you don't have to disclose your phone number either if you don't want to. It is a public forum so anyone can read a post so be circumspect about your personal details.

Read Lissa's post about sending and receiving private messages on this forum.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your bounty. I hope that many BLFers will take up the offers. The weekend will get more replies than through the week as most BLFers work during the week.

Hannah, I have a jungle of betel leaves, you are welcome to come and pick.

Well hello Addy!! You still check in from time to time then? That Nopales I got off you years back has now been shared with many others since :)

Hannah hasn't made the jump to this conversation though I gave her a link. The only way to contact her is by clicking on her name and trying to message her.

As mentioned earlier, I think she has probably found what she wanted elsewhere by now.

If I am reminded before the next GV I will bring some plants along as I have plenty to Pull out. Please remind me. Perhaps put a message on the next GV Event page.


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