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Looking for a recipe for banana bran muffins, I stumbled across this website:

Looking for quick, easy banana recipes? Then you've come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover some of the most delicious banana recipes you can whip-up in a few minutes. These recipes are
fuss-free, so there is very little clean up after cooking. They're also
healthy and cheap:-).

Most of these banana recipes have been passed down from my grandmother (Ama), and others contributed by friends and readers like yourself. The recipes you find here are an interesting mix of Asian (Ama's influence) and Western favourites which includes banana desserts, quick breads, cakes, muffins, fritters, cookies, chips, pancakes, ice-cream, shakes, smoothies, and much more.

In this site, you’ll also find hands-on cooking tips and tools, photos, information and interesting resources I have come across. All the recipes at has been tried and tested. The
result is a true collection of the best banana recipes!

So enjoy taking a look and discovering the many delicious, quick and easy banana recipes you'll find here. New recipes are added on a regular basis, so please come back as often as possible. And if you
have a favorite banana recipe you would like to share with other banana
lovers, please send it to us for a permanent post.

Instantly thought of Scarlett and her abundance of bananas, and hopefully will be in the same boat later this year when my banana trees (hopefully) start to produce!

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Ever tried to solar-dry your own-grown bananas? Oh mmmmmm! Was lucky enough in the past to have a solar drier made for me - it weighed a ton and I found a new home for it when I moved.

Skin the bananas, cut into half lengthwise, put on the wire tray, put out into the sun, bring in at night and put out next morning. Takes a few days in the summer, only lost one batch in a wet summer when they all turned into compost. Make sure ants can't help themselves. Put into jars when dried to a leathery bendable texture. Just try and keep them in those jars for any length of time!
How big was your solar dyer and was it fully inclosed? I worry about things bigger than ants getting into it.
I always worry about our high humidity for drying things... plus I am still waiting for enough of something to actually preserve lol!

Grass Roots have a heap of different ideas... I think my car must be the perfect place, it is always soooo hot in there...
The solar dryer was the size of the window-frame the maker used to run a box around! Around 3ft x 2ft, it was a struggle to lift it both from the weight (made with hardwood!) and the stretch in lifting. It sat on top of the wheelie bin. For some reason, I never did get ants into it not that they couldn't climb up a wheelie bin - or could they? Perhaps it was too slippery. Anway, it's all that I had at the time and made shifting it a lot simpler than carrying.

I've tried using the gas oven for drying and while it works it uses a stack of gas and the results do not taste like the solar ones. The electric dehydrator (the low-end Snackmaker, there's lots of imitators these days) does a mighty job with lots of different foods but I have not grown Bananas here so have never tried it. I've not had access to really nice organically-grown Bananas either. But it would be a much better bet than using a domestic oven.

The humidity never seemed to be a bother except for that one wet period. Since Bananas take about 9 months to ripen, the season for their ripeness varies from year to year so you have winter-ripening fruit too, and I think it was a wet winter that resulted in whiskery compost-bound fruit.

Having some kind of shielded vent holes is a must. The maker of the box did not do any so I got out the old brace and bit and drilled 1 inch holes into the sides of the lid. Then covered them with fly-wire stapled onto the timber. Otherwise it will be raining inside that box and you'll have steamed Bananas not dried ones.
Yesterday I googled 'can I freeze mashed banana' and lo and behold the answer is yes.

I wanted to do it for baby food - apparently it is good for a month without discolouring. If you want to do it for cakes then you can add lemon juice to the banana before freezing and it won't discolur.
I always freeze bananas for banana cake/smoothies etc. Works a treat.

A good way to store them when fresh, is to put them in one of those Decor meat storage containers, in the fridge. Mine last for a week without discolouring, or ripening further. Mmmm smooties.
Told by a woman banana-grower that keeping the temperature of the bananas in the 'fridge to ah... forgotten the actual temp but it's higher than a fridge normally runs at. According to her, wrapping the bananas in bubble-wrap will achieve this magic temperature. It does, too! Surprisingly they do keep well even though they'd be bathed in their own Ethylene gas. Sounds like putting them in a storer will do the same. Whatever the temp is in a vege crisper, it's too high for the bananas if you want the skins to look natural and not black. Frozen they are fine for drinks and cakes as you've found and for a vegan 'ice cream' which is really semi-frozen fruit puree when you run it through a low-speed juicer.


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