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Here's the list as of 3rd April (see below), but apparently it will be updated at this link as products are identified:

Here is a link which explains why palm oil is bad for orangutans, tigers, rhinos and the pygmy elephant:

Palm oil is also not good for you to eat - see here:

I try to never buy palm oil, but it's hard: especially with washing and cleaning products (virtually every shampoo contains sodium laureth sulphate - but Citroclean surface/ bathroom spray and Aware laundry powder are palm oil free). Here is a list:

Here is a link to the ingredients you will see on the packet if palm oil is involved:

It's as bad as corn syrup/ fructose! Basically, the culprit is processed food.

I need to confess a personal interest here: I once worked in the horticulture department at the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, and one of my jobs was to patrol the Great Apes walk. I have personal friends who are orangutans, and it absolutely destroys me to think of them in pain or homeless. Please. Everyone. We need to boycott this stuff. Maybe grow our own in the NT? But we can't pay Indonesia to kill beautiful creatures. We should be paying them to preserve their forests for GHG sequestration and eco-tourism! The people need micro-loans and right livelihood opportunities/ upskilling - not big corporations pillaging the natural environment and paying the locals a pittance. Arg - ranting. Sorry.

Anyway - here's the current list:


PALM OIL PRODUCTS (as they come to hand)

Please be patient with us as we gather our list of products containing Palm Oil, we make certain that the product contains Palm Oil before posting to the list.  The list will be updated as they come to hand.  


Arnotts Shapes (all flavours)



Kellogg's Nutri-Grain

Woolworths Homebrand Apricot and museli


Milky Way




Woolworths Yoghurt Coated Saltanas in clear tub, found in either fruit n veg or deli section


Subway cookies


Eskel Deli Crackers

Macro double choc biscuits

gluten free bakery apple pies


Head Strong Shampoo (Aldi brand)

Palmers Cocoa Butter formula

Dove Beauty Bars


Full Circle Coffee Equipment Wash

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Pretty much every Black & Gold product I've picked up lately contains palm oil as it's oil or shortening component.

Many varieties of B&G foods are now also made in Fiji.

The only thing on that current list I use is Dove. I'll have a better look at your links later in the day.

I have been doing the micro loans for some years with Good Returns.

I am fascinated by the campaign to boycott palm oil. It has been incredibly effective in raising awareness about the orangutans.  So effective I didn't know about tigers, rhinos and pygmy elephants also being at risk.  I'd like to know how much of the palm oil produced in the world actually comes from Borneo where the orangutan habitat is?  And which specific countries farm palm seed that threatens the habitat of these other animals?

Did you know that Australia is a major player in the international palm oil industry and a leader in sustainable palm oil production?  Palm Oil Plantations of Australia.

If you click on the About Us link on their homepage you'll see a list of around 100 countries with palm oil industries that are directly impacted by the boycott.  Notice that Borneo isn't on the list of collaborators.

Rather than an outright boycott and demonisation of palm oil, it would be good to see a 'sustainable palm oil' campaign whereby products are more accurately labelled with the origin of their palm oil ingredients.

But I agree that a hard line approach is getting the plight of the orangutans noticed in the western world and that maybe it's the only way to clean up farming practices the world over.  I do wonder if the boycott will have any impact on the economies of those countries that produce the 'dirtiest' oil though, or just damage the infant sustainable palm oil industry for good.  Wish there was a way that everyone's needs could be served.

So far, I don't use any of those products listed (will check the breakfast cereals more closely) but that's because majority of the products/foods in our home are from small, local producers.


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