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I am looking for Australian Myrtles to plant in pots. If you would have any of the Bush Tucker varieties, be they Cinnamon, Lemon, Aniseed etc. In the form of cuttings or small seedlings, I would be so thankful.

I have Bush Tucker Recipes using these and would love to be able to pick my own when needed. I am also looking for cuttings of other Australian Spices and Berries if anyone has cuttings to spare.

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We have some myrtles Dianne, plenty of lemon myrtle, a small aniseed myrtle and a cinnamon tree, and a clove tree which is too small just yet.  We have a few unusual bush tucker trees which produce small edible berries such as Rose Myrtle,  unfortunately my velvet myrtle was pulled out by accident and we have a couple of others which are large trees. 

A word of warning, be careful where you get your myrtle trees as they are prone to myrtle rust which can spread amongst them. 

There may be someone living closer to you who can help, but you are welcome to some cuttings here. We are going to cut some larger branches off the lemon myrtle, you may be able to make a standard tree if you can get it to shoot or marcott a branch.

Christa, I don't want anything that will grow into a big tree or I might find myself planted under one. I would however love some cuttings of those that are large enough to take cuttings from. If you are wanting to cut back soon, would you mind keeping me some until I see you next, that will probably be when we go to Flaxton.

Thanks, I know about the Rust problem, that's why I thought I would see if any members had some to spare.

Hi Dianne,I know of a lemon myrtle,backhousia citriadora growing on the side of the road .I brushed past it one night while walking the dog and the smell was unmistakable, it gets massacred by council workers during their so called maintenance.Its only 5 mins drive from both our joints,come around one night with the secateurs ,Graeme can drive the getaway car dont forget the balaclavas lol.

Oh, we are funny, I will bring the cake with the saw in it, when you both go to jail for theft.

I believe I may have all three myrtles you listed, definitely Lemmon and aniseed. I purchased a grey myrtle (ironwood) in 2003, and it still grows down the bottom yard.... this one is very low and sprawley (maybe due to no watering and below average soil and 10 years overdue for a mulching) .... until now, I did not realise it was a bush tucker plant, as I only knew it as grey myrtle, not cinnamon.

I'll have to do some checks to see if it is the same plant. To avoid rust, I can make cuttings of all 3 plants and keep them here, while monitoring their mother plants for signs of disease, specifically rust .... would you like to play it safer this way or would you prefer to just get the cuttings? ... I believe the rust is impossible to shake if it becomes present in a yard or tree.

--------- Other stuff -------

Another small bush tucker plant is Rice paddy herb - Limnophila aromatica (native to Northern Australia and SE Asia). I have brought this to past GVs, so you may already have this one.

There is a small, slow growing citrus australis, which I could get cuttings from (if you'd like).

Native sarsaparilla & wombat berrys grow wild on the block (I should be able to dig one of these up if you want).

No seeds from the native yams to date... waiting patiently.

There's also the native raspberries, native gingers, davidson's plum, beach cherry, burdiken plum, black plum, plum pine, sandpaper fig, three types of quondongs and other larger plants which I'm guessing you're not after at this moment, but just holler if you are. (Apologies on the spelling... rushing it atm).

To date, I have no bush tucker tree larger than your spectacular blue quandong... now that's impressive!

Hi Rob, that would be great if you could take some cuttings of the Myrtles for me and keep them there so as you can monitor them. I would also like some of the Native Sarsaparilla & Wombat Berries. I don't want to sound greedy but I would love a cutting of the Citrus australis. I am getting together quite a few Australis, so you are looking for a particular one, I may be able to help you out.


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