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I have been thinking about growing this one for a while and have decided to give it a go but the plants seem as rare as hens teeth. Anyone had any experience with growing it? 

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Hi Angela,

I did try growing it - It did fine for me in a self watering pot for about 6 months.  Then I moved it to the ground -> DIED.  Tried again straight into the ground -> died again.  So I think it is fussy about soil - needs light free draining like you get in potting mix.  If you're really keen on success, I would suggest you really improve the soil.  That's all I can offer cause I killed mine. :)  Good luck with it and let us know how yours grows. 

Oh no!  Do you have clay soil?  I have picked out a spot for it in the same bed as a peach tree and guava tree which are doing well. That spot has a loamy soil. I have read alot of people who say theirs died due to being too exposed to harsh sun and wind. I am confused about what soil type they like.  Some say they are not fussy,  others say they like acid soil. 

Mine is clay soil so yours should do fine in a lighter mix.  I also read about the sun issue.  I had mine (both in the pot and in the ground) where they would get morning sun only and in the pot they thrived.  By the way, check out this:

You had asked about Keri berries the other day and I said mine hadn't fruited yet but today LOOK!! I was walking around taking photo's and the first flower buds!  So excited!

Congratulations Susan that is AWESOME!  I am very jealous. They look so beautifully healthy and such a pretty pink.  I hope you get fruit soon.... Please let me know what it tastes like.

I am also very jealous of your peanut butter fruit. 

I had a few fruits from mine while it was in a self watering pot. Then I put it in the ground in a very protected spot with morning sun only but a very dry coarse soil..... And it hasn't fruited since.  It does flower though. 


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