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Heya... I'm doing an art project about invasive species and needing some prickly pear to flatten. I know I've seen some around recently, but can't remember now where. Anyone seen any? I just need a few leaves.

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Where are you? Where do you want some from? Do you know any Italian gardeners? I grow PP variety for the paddles and know of some feral stands.

I'm at Carina but am hoping to come to the Northside garden visit on Sunday if that near you? I used to know a beautiful Italian garden in new farm but it has since been ploughed in for units! Any location info is very welcome. Ta, wendy.

What you want is a really big paddle. ..and the guy in Progress Ave Beachmere has a huge paddle growing. Biggest I've seen.  Along the beach here is a feral stand as there is on Red Beach on Bribie Island.

Not much fortunately but some growth.

However I do suggest a walk around New farm will get your a paddle. Just ask the home owners when you spy one.

There are many varieties of PP and there is one or two that aren't weed declared.

Italian aren't into the culinary paddles when the Mexicans are.

Thanks Dave. It doesn't really matter what variety for my art purposes but I need them to be rather small as my canvas is only 15cms. Cathie is going to bring me some on Sunday so- thanks to you both for your response.
Hi there Wendy, if you are going to be at Gayle's garden visit I can bring you a bunch of nopales paddles if that is what you are after. What I have originated with Lissa and I'm sure she had blogged about them. Let me know and I will be happy to supply them.....
That would be wonderful Cathie. If something comes up and I don't make it, Ken who's house the visit is at can keep them for me as I see him each Thursday. If the paddles vary in size, it's the smaller ones ai be keen on. It doesn't matter if they aren't joined to each other. Thanks so much!



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