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I know on the surface, this does not look like a food growing topic - but it actually is.

I happen to distill my own base spirit, from sugar, water and yeast.  I've always assumed you make the base and then go and buy some flavour essence (a bit like not realising that vanilla essence is made from beans).  However, I am quickly discovering this is not true.  For example, Lemonchello is a wonderful use for excess lemons and tastes fantastic.  There are some wonderful old school skills that could be shared here. 

Anyways, before I continue the topic, I thought I might see if there was any interest.  If not, I'll shut up.  (Won't be in the least offended because I suspect this might be a kinda unique interest of mine.)

You can also do this by adding a (reasonably priced) bottle of vodka to homemade cordials.  

Um... anyone interested?  Don't need to feel sorry for the newbie - it's honestly fine if you're not.

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I have a still, but use 6 kg of normal white sugar.  I put down a new wash tonight - 25 liters of water, 6 kg of sugar and a packet of brewer's yeast.  She is bubbling as we speak.  I did a coffee using Maconna and stuff.  Haven't done an orange or peppermint.  My newest is "Iced Peach Tea."  It came out pretty good for a first attempt.  I've also done a rum, flavoured with burned brown sugar and molasses - I'm very proud of that one. 

Clarissa, we started a group for this if you are interested.  Check the "groups" tab. 

Also curious and interested in learning more Andrew. I love drinking these things but the price puts me off buying them. Making my own, if possible, would be great. Would also make great gifts.

They do!  I make the stuff and my wife paints the bottles.  It is our regular Christmas gifts.  

Hello Andrew, 

You got my attention when you mentioned Limoncello. I have many friends who make it with various citrus. However, I also know that they buy the alcohol, not distill it.

Is your still one of the $800 ones you mentioned in this thread? Or is it a DIY?    

It is a bought one Bob. There are some risks in trying to make one, and I was not prepared to take them.  I know it sounds like a lot of money, but given the price you can make a bottle absolute top-notch spirit, I found it was worth it. (Mind you, I am a spirit drinker.)

I make Rumtophs: you take any excess fruit, add rum and sugar and do not open it for at least 3 month, a year is better. is a recipe but there is heaps more.

Any fruit, 50% sugar (although I do less), a big jar with lid and 1/4 of jar = rum 

Love it over icecream etc. Would love to try what you are talking about.

Gabrielle, we started a group for this if you are interested.  Check the "groups" tab. I have to say, I am REALLY interested in your Rumtophs!

I'd love to learn about this!  

Great stuff Tracy.  

Tracy, we started a group for this if you are interested.  Check the "groups" tab. 

I've made limoncello with vodka but thought the expense hardly made the effort (and wait) worthwhile.  And I kept forgetting about the partly done ones in the bottom of the pantry.  I was heartened by Gabrielle's reply that said a year was better than 3 months :-).  Like your vanilla example, I hadn't thought of starting from scratch, as it were. It all sounds very interesting.


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