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Hi all. I am seriously coveting a peachcot tree from Daley's but have never tasted one. They are described as having a firm flesh....but what does that mean? Is there some softness and juiciness to the fruit or is it hard and crunchy or rubbery? 

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I'd never heard of it so I went googling.  Apparently tastes like a cross between apricot and peach.  I'd describe both of those as having a firm flesh. Maybe they just mean apricot style firm flesh.  

How do they go with fruit fly .

My tropical peach does pretty well with fruit fly.  Not so great with drought though. 

Yes i also have a tropical peach and was surprised how well it did with fruit fly this year with using eco natralure bait spray and the male traps. I got sick of bagging and covering the fruit so i left some fruits uncovered. I removed any green ones that looked stung (the fruit needed thinning anyway). I had a few wormy fruit (infested bits i chopped out and fed to the chooks) but nowhere near the losses i had the previous couple of years. Daleys tell me the peachcot is very delicious and not at all rubbery (i have bad memories of biting into a rubbery peach yuk). 



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