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Aigamo method - organic rice and duck growing with no work

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Interesting companion growing ^__^

I've read somewhere that due to all the recent developments in growing rice (New and improved varieties, herbicides and fungicides), a lot of byproducts of growing rice in paddies have disappeared (such as crabs, fish, and some weeds that were used for compost or pig feeds), and farmers have sufferred because of it... This is certainly developments back in the right direction ...
I wonder if ducks would eat fish...?
I suggested we have chinampas and aigamo in stormwater canals at work and everyone told me I'm crazy - lol
Er...What are they for in Storm water canal? Chinampas is used for growing crops right?
yes, for growing crops (better than growing weeds). such fertile spaces, those canals, and so underused. they need to be revegetated for bush corridors too. chinampas could be in 'billabong' flood plain areas.
it's sort of a new paradigm to grow food in cities again - but I do think it's the way we need to go. it would have heaps of benefits on so many different fronts...big cultural change though, lots of people resist the idea just because it's not something they're used to I reckon
When you mentioned storm water canal, what’s in my mind were storm water drainage type of things which are made of concrete and mostly underground…. I guess I just don’t pay enough attention to waterways in Brisbane.

I did notice some new housing estates have flood lakes, one of these is about 3 minutes drive, 2 bus stops down from my parents place. I’d love to get a house over there if we can afford it, and it’d be great if we can plant some water loving crops like water chestnuts, lotus, Kang Kong etc in there :) even better if we can raise some ducks and native editable fish like Bass and silver perch… .. I guess I am day dreaming ^^
sounds fantastic to me! i'm going to keep talking about it. imagine if we designed living spaces like that! it would be a lifestyle revolution, absolutely fantastic - actually that reminds me, i'll see if i can find some videos about davis california


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