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A very quick (unexpected!) change to the look of the site... what do you think?

Hi Folks

Well, that was unexpected! We're currently looking into what happened, but we just had a very quick change to the look of the site!

For those who glimpsed the previous khaki and purple version (?!) hopefully this is a decent substitute while we establish what happened to the original template (hackers or Ning changes?).

In the meantime, I suppose this is as good a time as any to let us know what you think!

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And they bothered themselves to tell you? Sounds like my ISP who changed to a new email server on a business day. Chaos for the next week.

Last night I got a 'we can't display this page …'-type message. Logged on again and it was as is now (white background, grey text).

Seriously?  After running my website, this is nothing but a minor format issue.  No posts or anything else was lost.  Nothing was hacked. Thank you for the hard work Farina. 

Well the Grey & white is better, but I still prefer the old version. The headings in forum etc do not stand out well enough from the content. Also I would prefer the text a little larger. Interestingly my own page has not altered.

The white background is very glary. Having the dark backgound was better for me. The colour also gave it a warmwer feel. I also prefer the old version.

Okay here's the response from Ning:

"This was an issue affecting the appearance of some networks on a particular cluster of servers, on which lives. Our on-call team was alerted and has since resolved the issue. We've cleared a few things out on our end, and the appearance on your network should now be back to normal, though you may need to clear your browser's cache. Please let me know if the issue persists or occurs again, and we can look into this further."

So where to from here?

Unfortunately, clearing the cache won't get us back to the original as I changed the theme to get rid of the ghastly khaki and purple :/ Nor do I have a copy of the original header.

In any case, we were considering changing to a cleaner theme so I think rather than step backward from here, we should work to find a new, suitable format for the site. This may take us a couple of goes though so you'll have to bear with us in the meantime! 

So far the feedback that I'm hearing for this grey/white theme is:



easy to read font


bright white / lack of colour

lack of contrast between font and background

size of text (too small)

If this is it, then I can aim to try out a new improved theme this week.

Thanks for all your feedback (and patience!) everyone, we'll get there!

I for one appreciate your hard work (and pain).  If you let me know what size the header is, I can have a crack at a few for people to look at.  I gather the name etc is header free, so we are really just looking for a banner at the right size. 

Andy that would be fantastic :) Yes the name gets overlaid on the banner pic if it is not incorporated into the banner. The size is 955 x 49 px.

More info here:

It recommends 955 x between 100-175.

I'll do one at 955 X 175.

Here are some drafts for people to look at.  You have to remember the Brisbane Local Food overlays.  The bottom will lie where the green buttons are:  home, invite, forum etc.  I tied to feature a garden visit but the photos just don't suit the banner size. 


Number 2 draft:

Nice pix Andy … bronze citrus bug? ;-)

Now … previously Scarlett used to make a banner from her selection of member's pix. Not a hint but I was chuffed to see one of mine up there. She changed it by the season. I quite liked that, rather than using (e.g.) clip art, it was photos that we had taken ourselves of our own gardens.

Could I suggest that the drafts include the lettering too to give us a better idea of what the finished product will look like.

The default photo got changed with the seasons too and again was one of our own pix.

I like the first one but I also really like the idea of using a patchwork of our own photos.

What is happening is that we would need to find an image that I can just rip a tiny slice out of - and have that slice still make sense.  Now, I'm happy to do that but it wouldn't be a case of "the best photo" - it would be a case of one that happens to work when you rip a tiny slice out of it.  If you look at the two examples, you will get an idea of what I mean.  I did actually start looking at all the shots I've taken of garden visits. None worked easily as just a slice.  The bug in the second banner was taken at Gayle's visit last weekend for exactly that reason. 

I've added text - I simply chose a colour and font that I thought worked on the banner.  Remember, some like chocolate, some like strawberry.   


Important note about adding photos:

Always add photos using the "From my computer" option, even if you are on a mobile phone or other device.


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