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Anyone who is interested in gut health may find some of these titles useful. So much written in the field is hyped up and a recent SBS segment on EMT got my daughter excited.

Nonetheless, research progress is well worth monitoring.

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Been ploughing my way through those GMO videos that are free to download. One recurring theme is how GMOs are implicated in many varieties of gut-health issues in both non-human and human animals. Eg BT makes holes in grub stomachs and it makes holes in ours too ('leaky gut syndrome') from eating the BT-affected crops and animals.

As an estimate, Elaine, what proportion of the local Australian supermarket diet is ruled by GMOs? So much of the targeted protest is focused on the USA.

Currently, the only genetically modified food crops produced in Australia are canola and cotton, but a variety of other GM foods can be imported and used as an ingredient in packaged foods. Foods where GM ingredients are highly refined do not need to be labelled as containing GM products.

The main sources of GM foods in Australia
GM ingredient Foods they are commonly found in
Imported GM soya Potato chips, margarine, mayonnaise, crackers, soy tofu, soy milk, soy flour, soy lecithin, soybean oil, pastries, chocolate.
Imported GM corn Corn chips, corn oil, corn flour, corn syrup. Corn foods with the kernel. Processed corn starch is a sweetener in drinks, sweets, bread, cakes, breakfast cereal, sauces, gravy mixes and syrups. 
Imported GM sugar beet Can be used to produce sugar used in processed foods.
Cottonseed oil from GM cotton Used for frying in the food industry (e.g. for fish and chips), smallgoods casings, snack foods, baked foods, mayonnaise and salad dressings.
Imported GM potatoes Potatoes in snack foods, processed potato products and other processed food.
GM canola Fried foods, baked products and snack food.

I suspect little actually for us. Yet. There has been moves by proponents to have more GM crops in Oz. The more people understand what is at stake, the less likely we are to have much of a GM industry. It should be labelled however. What are they hiding? From listening to the talks, they are hiding a helluva lot.


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