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Not much to add on this, the website says it all... I will say, I wish I had more scraps (after the chickens, goats, worms and compost demand) and a spare 1000 or 2... is the price in $Aus ? 

I'm sure I've seen a few d.i.y systems documented, but there's only so much time around these days.

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You know Paul (goat Paul from Kilkoy) built one?

Yep,even if you had the time Rob and the money to put one together it is just so hard to keep up feeding the  chooks,compost barrels,compost towers and dalek type composters.You would have to have a very good relationship with your local fruiterers. to keep up with the waste to feed it.

Not so Darren.  I have a mate who does it with his own goat and chicken poo and waste organics. 

We need to organise a visit to his place. 

I would be interested in seeing that Andrew

I'll talk to Paul and see if he would be willing to host a garden visit.  I reckon a few of us would like to see it in action.  He is pretty much completely off grid now. 

Started looking at biogas by using an IBC.

Any issues using human waste in addition to greens and water to feed it?

Is it possible to transfer the gas into a gas bottle for mobile gas (eg bbq and camp cooking)?

Wow!  the world is changing fast, hard up to keep us sometimes.   Good idea anyway, and will work for some. 

Biogas is methane now they are telling everyone that landfills create methane  and that is bad but composting is carbon neutral because the plants absorb the  co2  out of the atmosphere  now we have the government through the councils collecting green waste to compost at a great energy cost in fuel to pick up this low value waste.Composting at home is different because there is no transport cost but if the waste is placed in an engineered landfill the methane can be collected  and used for energy and because methane gas is being pumped out of the ground  this biogas  replaces this  fuel  and makes less greenhouse gas .What i am saying is get rid of your  green bin  do not fall for the waste industry con job your not saving the planet  compost at home or put the waste in the rubbish bin and make methane gas at the landfill that will be collected and turned into energy replacing natural gas.


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