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A wonderful morning Christine and Glen! A bountiful garden with the background gurgle of the aquaponic pumps. Glen has been very busy creating variations on the aquaponic theme. Andrew will have photos and a report of the technical side of the setups. I can only comment on the welcoming hosts, their wonderful oasis in suburbia, the superb pizzas from their famous oven and the delightful company of keen gardeners.

It is always a delight and always a learning experience to see how others tackle their challenges ... every garden is different. Thank you so much Christine and Glen for your welcome and to the other BLFers for your company. A wonderful morning.

The Pizza oven:

Some general view of the extensive garden - there's much more than this!:

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Some of the interesting items "lying about."

The left picture is an aquaponics system in it's own right.  From the bottom up - tank (silver perch), then grow bed and the bin at the top is a swirl filter.  The picture on the right is a a grow bed.  I think what's under is a sump that is used to grow duck weed and stuff in.  We'd have to ask Christine Gaudi about that. 

Love the pictures Andrew You have talent!!

Anyone would think I teach this stuff Christine.  LOL. Still a few more to come yet.  

Here's some vertical action - Glen had quite a few of us intrigued with his tricky strawberry tower of delight which is watered from his darn aquaponics system (and returned there as well).  Very clever. 

That pipe and the little gardens are so neat! Glen made a former or template to push against the warmed pipe wall to make each garden the same as the others. Well thought out and well executed! 11/10 ;-) And I missed the gardens in the 'apron pockets'.

I suspect they are another home made job, done from shade cloth.  Very clever.  Shade cloth is expensive but it's a damn site cheaper than the pre-made ones at Bunnings.  The strawberry pipe is way beyond my limited technical ability.  Glen should sell them - a funnel at the top (where you add water) and an outlet pipe over a bucket where you catch the water to re-use.  Simple, clever, efficient - great system. 

Wowee! How did I miss all this stuff?? Great pics Andy! Thanks Christine and Glen - brilliant visit!


Some more aquaponics - I call this Glen's Bottom System.  No, it does not smell like Glen's bottom, it is located at the bottom of his garden (height wise).  Now this witty comment is the perfect lead in for me to say, "With a well run aquaponics system, there is no smell except from whatever herbs you are growing." (I'm on fire tonight!)  

A few more delightful objects in the garden (damn, I wish I had a shot of me to photoshop in!)

Bad girlz, bad girlz

Whacha gunna do?  

Whacha gunna do when dey comin' for you?  

Easy - make sourdough and cook it in the pizza oven!

Final shot for no other reason than it is the technical shot of the day.  Please note the flames in the pizza oven, the sky is not a big patch of white and it's crisp from foreground to background.  And, with this shot, that's all folks!  

All photos are available free from me at huge size.  PM me if you want any. 

Beaut photos Andy - well worth the wait. The bread looks superb; I didn't get around to trying it :-(


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