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Cityfood growers newsletter - workshops, events etc. Great site to join.

Dear Scarlett,

Thanks for being a member of our web site. This
email is part of our regular broadcast of events,
garden tips and announcements.


1. Meeting - Samford Local Food Cooperative
Our first meeting was held on the 25th September at
7pm and was attended by 12 people. For those of you
interested in the content of the meeting, please
email me and I can send you the details of the Google
Group we have established titled "Samford Local food
Group" . This Group will house all documents created
by the endeavour. Our next meeting is on the 26th of
October at 203 Wights Mountain Road, Samford, between
9am and 11.30 am. Its a morning tea, so please bring
along some food to share, your enthuisiasm and ideas.
If you want more information, please email me on

2. Workshop- Improving your food garden with Biodynamics
When and where - On the 2nd of November 2008 from 1-5pm
on a Sunday at 203 Wights Mt Road Samford,
Presenter: Peter Kearney
Price: Normal charge is $30 for the general public, but
for 12 month paid CFG members, the workshop is discounted
to $20. Tea and coffee is provided, please bring along some
healthy snacks to share.
Content: This hands-on workshop will teach you how to
understand and use biodynamic preparations for improving
soil fertility in your food gardens and orchards. We
will also make some Biodynamic tree paste. It has
an amazing effect on the health fruit trees.
Participants can take some of the tree paste with them
when its made at the end of the workshop.

3. Workshop - Wisdom lives and leaves in the light.
When and where - 15th November between 9am and 4.30pm.
Exact location is being finalised at present, but it will
be in Samford, Brisbane
Presenter - Brian Keats is an author and international
workshop presenter
Price - $30. Bring along your own food for lunch. Morning
tea is provided.
Content - The workshop uses the medium of projective
geometry, with the plant as the drawing subject.
This process enables participants to gain a deeper
connection with the plant and an understanding of
all the forces involved with plant growth. No
experience in drawing is needed, but please bring
an open mind.

4. Workshop - Introduction to Organic Gardening
When and where - On the 1st of February 2009, from 1-5pm
on a Sunday at 203 Wights Mt Road Samford,
Presenter: Peter Kearney
Price: Normal charge is $30 for the general public, but for
12 month paid CFG members, the workshop is discounted to
$20. Tea and coffee is provided, please bring along some
healthy snacks to share.
Content: The workshop will cover: food garden bed design,
preparing the soil, working with weeds, pests and diseases
and planting techniques.

Please email me at no later than
5 days before events 2, 3 and 4 above, as we have limited numbers.

Garden tips - Neighbourhood gardening

Successful food gardening requires constant attention to your
garden and you must be the "boss and/or main worker" of your
garden. Gardening can be a solitary experience at times and
getting your own space is good. However, from my experience,
working with others in your garden, in theirs or in a
community space, will enrich your experience and open the
opportunity for you to learn from others, share your life
experience with people of common outlook and provide a place
for your children to interact with each other in a very
healthy way.

Neighbourhood gardening is a term which now fits into the
vernacular of urban agriculture. In simple terms it is
about people in neighbourhoods gathering together to do
food gardening.

Here are some ideas on how to form a group of people
to food garden with:
1. Have a friendly chat or meal with your neighbours and
people in your street and talk about sharing some garden
space. Perhaps one of you has land more suitable for
growing more food than others and some of you may have
more time than others. Its important to handle this
process in a spirit of openness and generosity.
2. If you are connected to a local school through your
children, ask around the school for parents who may be
interested. In my experience, this can be very effective,
as the children often already know each other.
3. Find out if any gardening groups already exist in your
area. Check your local newspaper, gardening clubs, your
yellow pages phone book and ask around anyone you know
who has an interest in food gardening.

Once you have connected with other people, what options
could you consider:
1. All working on one space within the land occupied by
one or more people in the group.
2. Supporting group members to work on each others land.
3. Find public land to work with others. This may be
school land, council etc.

Option three is the most complicated and option two
the easiest to get underway. My preference is option 1,
as it is more fun, more productive and builds community.

Out of this willing group of people you should expect to:

1. Share gardening resources and save on set up costs per person.
2. Get work done more efficiently by having more than one
person working on the garden. You will be amazed at how
much work can be done by a group of people in a relatively
short time, compared to one person.
3. Create healthy relationships with your neighbours
(a more peaceful world starts with your neighbourly
4. Establish a seed saving network and even a stall
for your produce to sell to other neighbours.
5. Provide a lot of healthy food for yourselves.

Tapping into an online community to gather knowledge is
also a great resource for the group. Our web site is
designed for this purpose. It is also vital the
group strongly focuses on learning by accessing any
gardening resources available, such as: gardening
courses, web sites (our Garden tips and plant search
tools in the member area are a great starting point),
books and last but not least, listening to the wisdom
of experience gardeners.


CFG event calendar - We are looking for a CFG member
in each city of Australia to post events (food gardening,
environment and food localisation) onto our web site
calendar. In exchange, we can provide free CFG 12 month
membership for your member renewal. For anyone interested,
please email me for the details.We are commencing engagement
with a national organisation dealing with Farmers markets
to use our web site event calendar for listing of market
days, farmer open days and any other relevant events.

CFG market - Our market activity is quite slow at present.
Its viability depends on members posting produce and
connecting with other members. Whenever you have excess
produce, please remember to post it on the market or if
you know of excess produce in your area, perhaps fruit
trees not picked where this food could reach local people
or CFG members, then arrange for this produce to be picked
and post it on the CFG market.

Happy gardening

Peter Kearney
Cultivating a grassroots movement for local organic food

PS: You are welcome to share this newsletter with your friends.

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The only bad thing about the site is that a significant portion of the content requires a yearly fee to access. However some of the tools are worth the yearly fee if you are new to gardening.
Hi Jason,

It would be good for you to log into the web site member area and see what is available. I think you will find there is a lot of content in the site that can be used by any level of gardener, not only beginners. A large number of our subscribers are experienced gardeners. The way the content is organised and the location sensitive plant calendar are quite unique and reduces the need to rely on many books as I have often done in the past.

Peter Kearney


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