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I have started 'Brisbane Seed Savers', below is some general information on Local Seed Networks.
To join, please complete the Membership form and email it directly to:

I will be buying 5 copies of The Seed Savers' Handbook. 180 pages at $15 so let me know if you want to buy one at this rate asap.

Definition of a Local Seed Network
A Local Seed Network is a group, registered with The Seed Savers' Network, of three or more people living in the same bioregion who swap seeds and planting material with the purpose of conserving open-pollinated varieties of food plants.

1. To find, grow and distribute seeds of locally adapted varieties, particularly of vegetables and herbs as well as plants that are propagated by tubers, cuttings, rhizomes, bulbs, etc,
2. To adapt new varieties to local conditions,
3. To promote the practice of seed saving and the importance of conserving diversity in our food crops,
4. To support other LSNs by sharing knowledge, skills, seeds and planting material.

As a Local Seed Network of The Seed Savers' Network, we ask that you:
1. Focus your plant conservation efforts on open pollinated vegetable seeds and other culinary plants,
2. Refrain from illegal or restricted plants,
3. Establish your LSN as (or within) a non-profit organisation so that any revenue generated by your activities is directed back into your network rather than distributed amongst members,
4. Behave in a cooperative, tolerant, inclusive and respectful manner to fellow members and other Local Seed Networks,
5. Meet or run events at least three times each year,
6. Sign up subscribers to The Seed Savers' Network, as below,
7.Keep in regular contact with The Seed Savers' Network.

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Wow- fantastic Donna! I'm interested.
I've already got the seed saver's manual.
I've never attempted any of the difficult seeds (that need big groups or isolation from similar varieties), it will be a good challenge. I've saved easy ones with some success.
I find it hard to save the best plants for seed I admit (especially if you need a lot to ensure healthy seeds), but it's a very short term view.
Someone in Melbourne gave me the biggest fattest healthiest borlotti beans i've ever seen - a local Italian community variety (weevils got them between gardens I'm afraid).
I wonder what's around in Brisbane? I wonder what we can cook up in our backyards?
Wow, this is a really great thing to do.
Donna - there is already a seed savers network based at the Beelarong Community Farm. Might be worth joining that one rather than starting a new one up?
I tried that, but they have a specific project whereas I want to seed save in my own garden, see an excerpt from Marions email:

'You are best to ask Seedsavers, Byron info if you want to join them.

If you are interested in what Beelarong is attempting to do – seedsave at our Community Farm just come along on a Wednesday or Sunday moorning from 9-12noon and see and chat. We are on the Corner of York & Beverley streets, Morningside. Bye from Marion Forrest'
OK, I see
The good thing about saving seed in backyards is it's much easier to control cross pollination between varieties. I would have thought that having some backyarders might help extend the seed bank at Beelarong
All comes down to the purpose of the seed network I suppose. Is it to save varieties, adapt varieties to Brisbane conditions, supply free seed to local growers, build up seed stocks for regional/ national use etc...
I have a huge questionaire to fill out to join which I will have to think about a few things. Basically I just want to save & swap seed with other like minded people generally for use in peoples backyards. While I hope to focus on Heirloom varieties, others wouldn't be excluded. Surplus would be offered for postage to local growers.

Is the name 'Brisbane Local Food' franchised or copyright? Would you be happy for me to name a Seed Saving Group that and use this website to help promote it?
Talk to Julia Desbrosses..... she is a seed bank nut and a local seed savers seed bank established in conjunction with the existing community city farms would fulfill one or the outcomes identified at a relocalisation conference I attended several months ago.......
Would be most interested in helping you to achieve that goal.......
Thanks Anthony, I have sent you a message asking for contact details of Julia.
Nope- go for it. Not fussed about names, and that's what this site is for :)

Open pollinated seeds (heirloom or not but they usually are heirloom if for specific varieties eg blue lake beans) are good because they always breed true from seed. Many plant variety seeds are hybrids, bred from two different varieties. They have "hybrid vigour" and are usually stronger bigger faster than non-hybrid seeds. Problem is, if you try to save the seed, usually one quarter will be what you expect and the rest weird throwbacks with a broad variety of characteristics - often undesirable - and without the vigour. Hence the value of the non-hybrid seeds to backyarders and the hybrid seeds to the seed companies (more vigorous looks impressive and you have to buy the seeds each year). Which is probably why people concentrate on the non-hybrids for seed saving - also the non-hybrids need preserving 'cos the seed companies aren't doing it and the farmers use hybrids these days.


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