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According to the ning folks, our website should now be running properly.  I know it's been terrible for some of us for the last two weeks.   

Can you please reply below if you are still having problems. (and tell me what they are).  

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My shouting is only out of fear Elaine.  We all need to be clear about the technicals that we are wishing for.

I'm amazed that Ning answered your email at all.  I'm glad they did!  And, I'm glad they took your info, but I am indeed surprised.  Users are meant to email admins.  I sincerely hope the route info you sent might help.  I couldn't have sent that info to them on your behalf without having to have to spent ages with us emailing each other. 

It's really only been the last 6 months that I've noticed real problems on BLF. It's been an absolute pain, to be honest.  Let's hope they fix it soon. 

At the time I could not get into BLF - couldn't even get it to load. But I was able to send a 'contact us' form to them from the Ning front page. I explained to them that I could not get BLF so could not email to you.

Perhaps it has been of some help although probably I will never know.

What I meant by shouting Andy is not having 'something' overhear that it is working OK. Like 'don't shout too loudly but the car is running well now'.

Perhaps since they've been fooling about with Ning3?

Thanks for the updates and info Andy and Elaine.


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Welcome to Brisbane Local Food (BLF)!

This site was created by Scarlett Patrick, to build capacity in the Brisbane  community for growing, buying, and living sustainably. Six years on, BLF is an important hub to promote, discuss, share and learn about local food growing, production, gardens, services and activities happening in our part of the world.

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