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An inspiring conversation with Anthony Foo led my husband and I to talking about information and how the more you specialise in any one area, the less you know from a broader perspective. There is also the information that you 'think' is common knowledge that others (often beginners but somtimes experts) are not aware of. An example of this was when Anthony casually mentioned that 'of course' you leave tap water in a bucket for a couple of days before watering the garden with it to ensure that the chlorine has been evaporated. Apparently chlorine is not good for the roots of your plants. This is something that I was completely unaware of. A lot of people have this kind of knowledge, in the business world it is called 'inherent' and many businesses are constanly trying new methods to extract it so that it is not lost when an employee leaves.

One of my skills is writing html (web based) help files that if cross referenced adequatly have a familiar layout where information can be accessed quickly and easily. I have read a number of books, internet articles and magazines and to be honest the more I read the more confused I get. I find it diffult to remember was that for strawberries or tomatoes. Due to the large number of information mediums, It is difficult to return to the correct source to check or verify the information.

I have decided to start a project compiling all this information into an easy to read, cross referenced help file and would appreciate ANY input no matter how inconsequential you may think it.

This whole project is in the very early stages but I am hoping that it can be made available as a free compiled chm file and be downloaded by anyone who is interested from one or more compatible websites.

Anyone interested in helping with the project by providing information should email me at the address below. (Can you please ensure that the word 'help' is included in the subject file so that I can create a rule for any emails received.)

I would also appreciate anyone who is willing to proofread/ edit/ check the file during the project let me know so that I can email compiled chm versions during the process.

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It would be great to keep it within this forum because once you start creating separate sites to perform different functions it can end up being quite messy - however, that being said, I don't know a lot about this forum software and I don't know whether it can allow multiple people to edit the same subject ie) If one person creates a thread about beans, can someone else come along (provided they're a pre-approved contributor) and edit the article to make additions / corrections? The reason why I think this is so important is because I've seen document & information management systems die because too few people have access to modify the content. If we can do this through "ning" - the site or software this forum runs on, excellent. Is there someone here who's been around the traps for a while who knows the answer? If not I could probably find out with a bit of digging involved.

If I had to take a bit of a guess, I'd suggest we'd need about half a dozen or so people who can create and edit all articles, effectively "owners" of the system and (optionally) another half a dozen or so who can contribute content with or without an approval process involved (content to be approved by any of the six owners). This last point isn't critical but would open up the authoring process to others to help with the initial build of information.
It seems there is a feature called Notes that is provided by Ning. It seems similar to Wiki but we will need to check with Scarlett whether she is willing to incorporate this into the site.

From a quick glance it looks like she would need to do a bit of fiddling in administration and allocate members to roles to allow access to edit this.

I will check with her and see what her feedback on this is.


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