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A damp dull day didn't deter many from enjoying themselves at our end of year GV.

Members, visitors and junior gardeners braved the light steady rain to admire Gayle's beautiful and productive gardens.

There are water gardens, above-ground beds, wicking bins and pots interspersed with native ground-covers and shrubs.

From the Alyssums and Basils on the nature strip to the towering palms at the back corner, every square inch is either gardens or paths. In the awkward spots around the back, down the narrow side, there is black Bamboo with ornamental shrubs filling in every nook and cranny.

There was a good collection of delicacies for our nosh-adventure. From home-made Fetta, corn relish with fresh-picked vegetable sticks to moist cake and chocolate balls, dips and tarts we had plenty to choose from.

The swap table was filled with seedlings and produce most of which found a new home.

Secret Santa produced a wealth of festive-season gifts from decorated bottles of intriguing liquids to garden-related products.

We had a great time catching up with other BLFers and we enjoyed the cooler weather. Thank you to Gayle and family for your warm welcome, wonderful filter coffee and a chance to enjoy your lovely garden once again.

Some pix:

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Thanks everyone for the lovely day, especially Gayle and family, for letting us visit her garden, and for sharing her knowledge of plants etc.   We came home with a lovely red pot filled with herbs from Santa, and a healthy looking paw paw plant and potted seedlings and magazines from the exchange table.   Christmas greeting to everyone.

Thank you Gayle and family along with all for a nice day, lovely swaps and conversation.

It was a treat and inspiration to see the beautiful growing gardens a year on Gayle.

I'm sorry that I missed it as it sounds like it was a nice morning. Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone and I hope to see many of you at the first GV of the year at Lissa's place.

Your gardens are looking wonderful Gayle, thank you so much for hosting us. So many different plants tucked here and there - I just stood there trying to take it all in.

Terrific report Elaine. Very evocative and descriptive of the day. Well done!

Thank you to all those who came, ate, chatted and perused. I didn't have time for breakfast this morning but enjoyed Valeries choc balls and Andy's cheeses to fill the gaps.

Garden looking fantastic, wish I had been able to make it today but sometimes plans just don't work out the way we want.  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my BLF friends and will catch up with you all in 2016

Thanks Cheryl from us all :) See you in the NY.

Thanks Gayle and family for a very enjoyable garden visit today. It is always good to swap ideas and get info from others with similar interests. I enjoyed the conversations and peoples generosity with providing food and gardening plants for swapping.

It was a wonderful morning. So nice to catch up with everyone. Thanks Gayle and family. Nice report Elaine - yes, I will eventually update the banner! LOL.

Thanks for the GV yesterday, Gayle. Some great ideas and interesting plantings. A very pleasant morning.

Just finished potting up the lovely red pawpaw seedlings from the swap table, and was wondering - Are they males and females, or bisexual?

It's Papaya Potluck time … it was seeds from a tasty organic fruit I bought so I've not seen the tree either. That's why I put in so many seedling per packet since some will die anyway and some probably will be males. Even the $10 ones from Daley's run the risk of some being boys - they cannot tell or guess either.

The two trees I have growing here - not the parents of the seedlings since my trees rarely produce seeds - one is tall, the other dwarf and very curved. Both produce fruit though. So I suppose both are bi-sexual. Even the ordinary yellow pawpaws are mostly bi-sexual these days. A shorter tree than the old style ones yet rarely does a male occur.

Thank you all for coming.  It's always interesting to see how other people react to your garden. I think sometimes your own garden becomes so familiar that you stop noticing things.

Somebody left a white serving dish behind.  Contact me and we'll work out a way to reunite it.  I still have a small pickle fork from a previous year as well. 

For those who asked about the bamboo - they are all different and the ones I have (according to the place I bought them) are
 1   Green ghost - Dendrocalamus minor var. amoenus
 2   Bar code - Bambusa vulgaris f. vittata
 3   Oldham’s - Bambusa oldhamii
 4   Blow pipe - Schizostachyum jaculans
 5   Silver ghost - Bambusa chungii
 6   Wray’s - Gigantochloa wrayii
 7  Timor Black - Bambusa lako

and I think the one shading the lettuce is Gigantochloa wrayii

I'm still looking for the name of the shrub near the back pond.


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