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Bob Cannard, Farming with Nature for True Taste

From ORGANIC CONNECT: Bob Cannard, Farming with Nature for True Taste Food & Nutrition > Farms & Farmers > Bob Cannard, Farm…

Started by LissaLatest Reply

Article on Andy in Cheesemaking newsletter

From the New England Cheesemaking newsletter: Monday, August 19, 2013 Purple Onion Feta with Andy Cumberland Andy Cumberland with hi…

Started by LissaLatest Reply

Petition against patents on nature, Monsanto, and genetic engineering

It’s unbelievable, but Monsanto and Co. are at it again. These profit-hungry biotech companies have found a way to gain exclusive control o…

Started by ScarlettLatest Reply

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Sustainable Agriculture vs Corporate Greed

Due out soon: my occasional collaborators are soon to be in print.I subbed a wee bit of the text but Alan and Elena really do Know their st…

Started by Dave Riley

0 Feb 16

Report on Using Herbicides which kill Soil Microbes

Link to '10 Reasons Why Monsanto is Polluted and Corrupted from its Core' Horrifying.

Started by Elaine de Saxe

0 Jan 22

AGROECOLOGICAL REVOLUTION The Farmer-to-Farmer Movement of the ANAP in Cuba

This  ebook  documents  the  experiences  encountered  during  the implementation   of   agroecology   and   sustainable   agriculture in …

Started by Dave Riley

1 Dec 14, 2016
Reply by Rob Collings

The Smell of Rain

Yes it has a name and our very own CSIRO scientists named it and described it.

Started by Elaine de Saxe

2 Dec 6, 2016
Reply by Lissa

Make your own Fungi Happen:DIY Mycorrhizal Innoculate.

While researching mycorrhiza I came upon many exotic methods designed to grow the fungus and inoculate your garden with it. The at home can…

Started by Dave Riley

2 Dec 1, 2016

Water Wise Gardening.

It is a passion of mine -- dare I say it, an obsession -- to save water. Nothing drowns in my patch: ever. Despite the many resources I've…

Started by Dave Riley

0 Nov 28, 2016

You've got a will but who will oversee your website, FB and more?

'Digital Death' one of today's buzz-words perhaps. Many people have a will or have at least thought about what happens to their assets afte…

Started by Elaine de Saxe

0 Nov 24, 2016

Starving Ourselves to Obesity

As in America, so very likely in Australia.

Started by Elaine de Saxe

0 Nov 16, 2016

History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

Not the forum for political comment I know. The events of the last couple of years culminating with the President-elect in the U.S. give us…

Started by Elaine de Saxe

4 Nov 12, 2016
Reply by Elaine de Saxe

Surprising types of Ocean Farming

When I hear of farming in our oceans, I assume aquaculture is the subject at hand. The following article links give an insight into differ…

Started by Rob Collings

2 Nov 5, 2016
Reply by Rob Collings


Fresh Local Provisions: Fresh Food, Local and Online

About this site

Welcome to Brisbane Local Food (BLF)!

This site was created by Scarlett Patrick, to build capacity in the Brisbane  community for growing, buying, and living sustainably. Six years on, BLF is an important hub to promote, discuss, share and learn about local food growing, production, gardens, services and activities happening in our part of the world.

This site exists for you - make the most if it!

BLF is motivated by passion, not profit. We thank all volunteers and members who make this an active and inspiring space to be, as well as those individuals, organisations and groups working to make the future greener.


What is local?
The closer the better - but regional and global activities are important too.

Why local?
To reduce food miles, increase food freshness & security, improve social outcomes and reduce the unused outputs of our living environments - like stormwater and green waste.

Brisbane is a sub-tropical city in Queensland, Australia.

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