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Latest Activity

Sharon Stuart updated their profile
1 hour ago
gabrielle austerberry commented on Sophie Munns's blog post Attending the Brisbane Food Security Event - The day the farmers came to town!
"On Monday night, the story of Lock the Gate campaign founder, Drew Hutton, will be told on ABC's Australian Story. Drew has been an inspiration to communities around the country. His extraordinary generosity, courage and vision have made…"
2 hours ago
Anne Golding-Ross joined Lissa's group

Garden Visits

It's amazing what we can learn by visiting other peoples gardens. I know I pick up at least one good idea or plant each time.You might be surprised at how keen other members are to visit your garden and see what you are growing, how your chooks / quails are kept, share their own excess produce, cuttings, seed and generally just have a good old chat with other like minded people.Be brave!The visits are informal and free. Choose to come to as many or few as you wish.**Want to attend or host a GV?…See More
3 hours ago
Rob Walter replied to Dave Riley's discussion Growing Katuk ( Sweet Leaf) with Dragon Fruit
"I really enjoyed watching his videos of dragon fruit growing. I love a system that works!"
4 hours ago
Profile IconSharon Stuart, Youth Food Movement and Catherine joined Brisbane Local Food
4 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland replied to Dave Riley's discussion Growing Katuk ( Sweet Leaf) with Dragon Fruit
"Even I can grow Katuk. It's another pesto addition at my place.  "
4 hours ago
Elaine coolowl liked Youth Food Movement's profile
6 hours ago
Elaine coolowl replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"It's quite recently that I found out about pruning evergreens. The conventional wisdom was that they were never really pruned. Since pruning can change the shape of a tree for the better, opening the centre up to sunlight and air it has to be a…"
6 hours ago
Janet Fong commented on Lissa's blog post YACON/YAKON
"I have harvested my yacon and want to replant the red propagating rhizomes for next season. is early Aug ok for planting in Brisbane? should be pointy end of the red rhizome go up or down?"
8 hours ago
Dave Riley posted a discussion

Growing Katuk ( Sweet Leaf) with Dragon Fruit

I absolutely love Katuk --Sauropu androgynus -- and I also have started to grow Dragon Fruit. Both are so easy to grow even in poor sandy soils ...and the reward is always great!Here -- below --is a video of Katuk being grown under Dragon Fruit shade. The other vids on the YouTube channel are awesome re Dragon Fruit despite these folk being located in suburban Sydney. Dragon Fruits flowering and frui`ting all over the front and back yards...So if you want to be inspired to consider these plants…See More
9 hours ago
Samantha Franklin replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"I think maybe the black stuff may of been from the buses and trucks that went by as I am on a bus route,I didn't have anything infected on the branches or leaves,I did give lots of water and fed the tree through winter. Maybe it's coz I…"
13 hours ago
Susanne replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"Hi Sandra, Elaine's advice is what I've had to do with my mandarin. It had not been pruned for two years and the fruit wasn't filling out as well as previously then I noticed some branches dying off. On close inspection it was found…"
14 hours ago
Samantha Franklin updated their profile
Samantha Franklin replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"Thanks for your reply"
Samantha Franklin replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"Thanks will give that a go"
Andrew Cumberland replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"I guess you could juice the fruit and freeze it?  And I'm with Elaine - a well fed (elements and fertiliser) and watered plant will over-come most disease problems. "
Andrew Cumberland commented on Andrew Cumberland's blog post Forced to do another random update Stardate: 26072014
"My feeder is an automatic self made one from down pipes as well.  The end caps stop the rats getting in.  Hopefully, with tips from a few of us, people will benefit from the joint hind signt. "
Elaine coolowl replied to Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
"If the fruit is poor then it won't recover once mature so removing all the fruit is my recommendation. Chop it up and compost it, don't waste it. Then prune out crossed branches and open up the inner part of the tree. Then feed with…"
Elaine coolowl liked Samantha Franklin's discussion Manderins
Susan commented on Susan's blog post Post Garden visit
"Thanks Andrew & Elaine.  I've had another look at the paw paw, it's definitely male though Elaine.  The stem of the flowers are getting much longer and there's about 5-6 flower buds on each stem."

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About this site

This site was created to build capacity in the Brisbane community for growing, buying, producing, selling and sharing local food, products, services and information, because these things are improbably yet reverberatingly important.


Please use this site to promote, discuss, share and learn about local food growing, production, gardens, services and activities.

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What is local?
The closer the better - but regional and global activities are important too.

Why local?
To reduce food miles, increase food freshness & security, improve social outcomes and reduce the unused outputs of our living environments - like stormwater and green waste.

Brisbane is a sub-tropical city in Queensland, Australia.

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