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Latest Activity

Andrew Cumberland posted a video

Backyard chickens arrive at McDowall Manor

We really know nothing about chickens, so we are learning quickly. This video is part 1. Meet the girls (Pearl, Ruby and Coral) and watch me struggle to buil...
3 hours ago
Susan Cook commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
"Mine is cropping now and also did a few months ago.  I've heard they can fruit up to 3 times a year.  The previous time something did eat them - we picked a few days worth then the remainder disappeared."
4 hours ago
Damo updated their profile
5 hours ago
Alistair Martin commented on Alistair Martin's event 'People Powered Food'
"Good point, Carole. I've updated the event to include the link at the top. Thanks!Also, the event is listed on Facebook. If you have a facebook account please invite your friends there to help us spread the word…"
6 hours ago
Christine Cox commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
"Thanks Susan I will look forward to trying to grow them."
7 hours ago
Lissa commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
""is" cropping... "
8 hours ago
Lissa commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
"Yours if cropping now Susan? Mine cropped some months ago."
8 hours ago
Lissa commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
"Jaboticaba is one of the absolute necessity plants I would grow if starting again. Nothing upsets/attacks it and it provides large amounts of delicious fruti."
8 hours ago
Susan Cook commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
"Hi Christine, yes I can bring along some seeds.  This tree took about 8 years to produce - I've not tried growing from seed,  but I have with the similar Grumichama  - 2 plants are slowly growing in a pot."
8 hours ago
Lissa replied to Lissa's discussion A New Bill Would Prohibit GMO Labeling (American) in the group GMO
"Interesting from the perspective of what happens in America, happens in Australia next."
8 hours ago
Christine Cox commented on Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
"Hi Susan I think I have planted one of those plants at Blackbutt but it is a long way off getting fruit I feel. Have you tried growing this from seeds, I see you have struck Lychees from the compost that is great I have struck Longans from seeds and…"
8 hours ago
Susan Cook and Christine Cox are now friends
8 hours ago
Elaine coolowl liked Susan Cook's blog post Jaboticaba thriving despite neglect
8 hours ago
Lissa replied to Lissa's discussion Health hazards in the garden
"The effects of leeching might not always be obvious. How would you know what to look for?"
8 hours ago
Elaine coolowl replied to Elaine coolowl's discussion Bendy Bananas
"If there's a secret to it, it's to chop up all the trash and use it as fertiliser. Worked a treat with the Lady Fingers years ago and works well with the Asparagus too - in fact better using the Asparagus put through the mulcher than…"
8 hours ago
Susan Cook might attend Lissa's event

Discover Earthships at Noosaville Library

May 3, 2014 from 12:30am to 2pm
Date: 3/05/2014 Start Time: 12:30 PM End Time: 2:00 PMDescription:  The ultimate sustainable housing Can you imagine a world where houses were cheap to build, could help provide food for the family, and self-heated or cooled all year round - all while living off the grid? Join Ryan Mayne to discover the land of Earthships. Find out what is happening around the world and here on the sunshine coast with the construction of ecofriendly, sustainable housing. Free. Bookings required.…See More
10 hours ago
Susan Cook is attending Elaine coolowl's event

Week Day GV at Deception Bay at Deception Bay

May 1, 2014 from 10am to 12pm
We'll have 2 GVs at Elaine and Elaine's place at Deception Bay. This one is for anyone who cannot make the Saturday one - or for anyone keen enough to visit twice ;-)Please just bring something to munch; we have tea/herb tea and coffee.Swap table operating - you don't have to participate. You don't have to put something in to take something out! We work on the theory "if you have it, share it … if you want it, take it".Please RSVP here so the address can be sent to you a couple of days before…See More
10 hours ago
Susan Cook might attend Lissa's event

DVD Screening of ‘Home’ at Yandina Community Gardens

April 19, 2014 from 9:30am to 12pm
Sat Apr 19DVD Screening of ‘Home’9.30 amIn 200,000 years, humans have disrupted the fragile balance on which Earth was living for 4 billion years.  Global warming, shortage of resources, endangered species: humans are jeopardising their own living conditions.  By the end of the century, the relentless consumption will have exhausted almost all of our planet’s natural resources.  But it is too late to be pessimistic: we have barely 10 years left to reverse the trend.  We need to become aware of…See More
10 hours ago
Carole O commented on Alistair Martin's event 'People Powered Food'
"Thanks for that advice, Alistair.  I've registered with eventbrite now.  It would certainly been a pity to have turned up not knowing there was another place where registration was needed."
11 hours ago
Susan Cook replied to Lissa's discussion Health hazards in the garden
"I like the idea of using some sort of natural paint for lining.   At the workshop Roman commented that results so far did not indicate detrimental health benefits from leeching, but there is still further research going on with this issue…"
11 hours ago

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About this site

This site was created to build capacity in the Brisbane community for growing, buying, producing, selling and sharing local food, products, services and information, because these things are improbably yet reverberatingly important.


Please use this site to promote, discuss, share and learn about local food growing, production, gardens, services and activities.

Please respect the activities and opinions of others and keep postings relevant to local food.

This site is not being used in any way to generate information by the network creator/ administrator. Your sign-in email, visible to the administrator (Farina), will not be passed on or sold - ever, to anyone (nor will any other info). NB: your profile page is visible to the whole internet. Only you and your correspondents can see the content of your inbox messages .


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What is local?
The closer the better - but regional and global activities are important too.

Why local?
To reduce food miles, increase food freshness & security, improve social outcomes and reduce the unused outputs of our living environments - like stormwater and green waste.

Brisbane is a sub-tropical city in Queensland, Australia.

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