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Latest Activity

Dave Riley liked Susan's blog post End of winter ramblings.
2 hours ago
Dave Riley posted a blog post

French Intensive: La culture maraîchère downunder

I is here. Yesiree.Finally.After a very intense period of exploration and research I'm thinking that I have discovered my preferred gardening 'model'.What I mean by that is that I have narrowed in on the 'system' that suits my environmental context and my journey.It has a name and history and…See More
2 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland posted a video

Romesco sauce

Continuing the theme of how to use your garden produce. This is a vegetarian pasta sauce that will be served with a fresh salad straight from the patch.
3 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland commented on Florence's photo

Public Notice

"Public liability protection? "
3 hours ago
Elaine coolowl replied to Lissa's discussion indigenous food
"Kurrajong - a place but where I wonder. There's a Kurrajong in NSW. Anyway, there are many native Hibiscus and Hibiscus relatives that grow in Qld. There's tiny ground-hugging relatives and the Cotton Wood trees of Maroochydore (and…"
4 hours ago
Elaine coolowl commented on Florence's photo

Public Notice

"'Flowering Peach' does have fruit at times. If they planted eating Peach trees, I wonder why if they are going to spray them."
4 hours ago
Elaine coolowl liked Florence's photo
4 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland replied to Stuart Dunstan's discussion Cheese Vats in the group Cheese Makers
"Thanks mate.  "
4 hours ago
Stuart Dunstan replied to Stuart Dunstan's discussion Cheese Vats in the group Cheese Makers
"I think so, Andrew. If you mean that, for instance, you add your frozen Camembert or flora danica starter straight to the milk? That's DVS, and it's a lot easier and less messing around. Of course, the benefit to making a liquid starter…"
5 hours ago
Karla Wally commented on Lissa's event 'Garden Visit (FREE) & lunch at cafe - see link'
"Sorry I can not make it to your garden Susan, unfortunately, got to work....hopefully I will make it next time!"
5 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion So about that milk in the group Cheese Makers
"Sounds like a pretty reasonable opinion though mate.  "
5 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland replied to Stuart Dunstan's discussion Cheese Vats in the group Cheese Makers
"Is DVS the same as my Direct Innoculation, Stuart?  I just add the starter to the vat of milk. "
5 hours ago
Stuart Dunstan replied to Andrew Cumberland's discussion So about that milk in the group Cheese Makers
"Hmm. This recipe seems a little off to me. The curd cut size is listed as "1-2cm", which will result in quite a big difference to the final cheese depending on the size you cut. And they make no mention of warming the beer up to the…"
5 hours ago
Stuart Dunstan replied to Stuart Dunstan's discussion Cheese Vats in the group Cheese Makers
"Hi Dianne. As Andrew said, I wouldn't worry too much about going over the temp, unless you went way over. These cultures are bred to be quite resilient. In regard to the water jacket and starter, what is helpful to understand is that if there…"
5 hours ago
Florence liked Andrew Cumberland's blog post Andy's Regular Program - Garden Updates
5 hours ago
Andrew Cumberland replied to Stuart Dunstan's discussion Cheese Vats in the group Cheese Makers
"Your Fromage language is completely different to mine Dianne.   If you are making cheese, just put the starter in the 4 - 6 litres of milk, although half a teaspoon is an awful lot.   If you are making yoghurt, I thought it was a different…"
5 hours ago
Florence replied to Lissa's discussion indigenous food
"According to this site, it's an adopted native? Natural History: Wild Hibiscus Flowers Hibiscus sabdariffa is not truly a native but has been adopted as a native in the tropics, having grown in…"
6 hours ago
Florence commented on Florence's photo

Public Notice

"There aren't any fruits on them yet, they're just in flowers.  I visit these trees every year since I discovered them a few years ago, but have never saw these notices.  No, it wasn't me who sampled the fruits before,…"
6 hours ago
Dianne Caswell replied to Stuart Dunstan's discussion Cheese Vats in the group Cheese Makers
"This is the Starter that I am making. I put 200ml of UHT Milk into a glass jar with the 1/2 tsps. of MM100 Mes Culture and then I put the jar into a saucepan of water and heated it all up. Then without paying the attention I should…"
6 hours ago
Florence posted a photo

Public Notice

Public Notice under peach trees at Roma Street Parkland
6 hours ago

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About this site

This site was created to build capacity in the Brisbane community for growing, buying, producing, selling and sharing local food, products, services and information, because these things are improbably yet reverberatingly important.


Please use this site to promote, discuss, share and learn about local food growing, production, gardens, services and activities.

Please respect the activities and opinions of others and keep postings relevant to local food.

This site is not being used in any way to generate information by the network creator/ administrator. Your sign-in email, visible to the administrator (Farina), will not be passed on or sold - ever, to anyone (nor will any other info). NB: your profile page is visible to the whole internet. Only you and your correspondents can see the content of your inbox messages .


We'll put local food related ads up on BLF for you (msg enquiries to Farina). Revenue will go to paying the ning site fee, and then to the various Community Gardens/ Local Food enterprises/ Seed Saver's networks in Brisbane. This site is motivated by passion, not profit. 


What is local?
The closer the better - but regional and global activities are important too.

Why local?
To reduce food miles, increase food freshness & security, improve social outcomes and reduce the unused outputs of our living environments - like stormwater and green waste.

Brisbane is a sub-tropical city in Queensland, Australia.

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